Floor painting

Epoxy flooring is probably the most practical and economically viable option for protection of concrete floor. Cars, Lorries, fork-trucks and masses of people have a great impact on this expensive surface. In order to protect, and later to take care of them with ease, “SRAUTASERVIS” offers a right solution for concrete floors – floor painting. Painted floors withstand cold weather and frequent chemical cleaning, meet all hygiene requirements, look aesthetic and clean.

Key properties of epoxy floors:

  1. Prevent forming of dust and dirt
  2. Protect from effects of moisture, chemical substances, organic waste
  3. Functions as a floor decoration (range of colours and textures)
  4. Can be used for indoor and outdoor floors

Applicability of epoxy floors:

  1. Food manufacturing plants
  2. Warehouse
  3. Medical institutions
  4. Public facilities
  5. Garage, car wash, petrol station
  6. Car parks (surface is suitable for necessary marking)
  7. House floors, garage floors etc.

Ask us and we will offer the best solution for your floor!