Wet Sand Blasting

This procedure is practically indifferent to Sand Blasting. However, in order to minimalise generation of dust when used, manufacturers improved their equipment for Sand Blasting and enabled a combination of sand and water. Water covers every abrasive separately and reduced amount of dust generated by as high as 90%.

Wet Sandblasting method is commonly used for removal of stubborn dirt as well as for reconditioning of large surfaces. MB “SRAUTASERVIS” team does the job quickly and professionally. We take full responsibility for the property of our customer, therefore we carry out risk assessment before any work commences.

 We carry out:

  • Reconditioning of brick walls / stonework
  • Stone tile cleaning
  • Elimination of fire consequences
  • Graffiti removal
  • Paving block cleaning
  • Restoration / Reconditioning works
  • Roof and roof coating cleaning
  • Paint removal


  • Effective cleaning of large surfaces
  • Absence of dust
  • Secondary waste can be easily picked up


  • Electrically conductive