Production lines/Equipment

Investments in production equipment and lines require many funds, and qualified care for them is an absolute necessity for extending their service life. Undesirable and harmful compounds and residues form on the equipment, as a result of long, continuous production process, and must be removed in time. MB “SRAUTASERVIS” dry ice blasting method can save you up to 80% of total time spent on cleaning of the equipment. Moreover, equipment does not have to be shut down or dismantled for cleaning. Other advantages of dry ice blasting listed in the table below.

Services in comparison

Cleaning method Secondary Waste Electrical Conductivity Aggressiveness to surface Toxicity Effectiveness
Dry-ice blasting NO NO NO NO Excellent
Sand blasting YES NO YES NO Good
Wet Sand Blasting YES YES YES NO Good
Soda Blasting YES NO NO NO Good
Chemical and Solvent based cleaners YES NOT ALWAYS YES YES Limited

*Conventional blast cleaning abrasives become toxic and not environmentally friendly when in contact with hazardous material and/or contaminated surface. Waste Management Law of Republic of Lithuania and other legislative acts regulate utilisation of Hazardous Waste.

We clean:

  • Escalators
  • Chains, bearing, gears and other moving parts
  • Mixing, cutting and baking equipment
  • Lines for painting/varnishing and their parts
  • Injectors

Dry ice blasted gears