Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid state, produced in form of blocks or granules, in different sizes. Dry ice is not toxic or flammable and it has no smell. It is widely used in the food industry for cooling food and cleaning works.

The principle of dry ice blasting is simple but ingenious – compressed air mixes with dry ice granules and heads towards the surface with a speed of sound. Granules, bouncing and at the same time exploding, crush and separate the solids on the surface. Low temperature (-790C) increases the fragility of the solids, thus increases cleaning effectiveness.

Key benefits of dry ice blasting:

  1. Environmentally friendly and safe
  2. Cleaned surface stays dry and clean
  3. Is not aggressive, can be performed on soft materials such as iron, nickel, chromium, aluminium, plastic, wood etc.
  4. Is not electrically conductive, can be performed on operating equipment, electrical appliances on the spot, without dismantling.
  5. Cleaning itself does not create additional waste
  6. Dry ice blasting significantly reduces maintenance time required to perform periodic cleaning as cleaning is done quickly and efficiently
  7. Can clean objects that are difficult to reach
  8. Dry Ice Blasting meets hygiene requirements and standards of the Ministry of Republic of Lithuania, and is therefore indispensable in the food, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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