Graffiti removal

Although graffiti in Lithuania become popular back in 1991, none graffiti artist tolerance strategies been developed since. Vilnius municipality takes initiative and makes a big step in this direction by creating flexible and strategically thought out graffiti management programme. First of all the director of Vilnius city administration specified which places are suitable for graffiti paintings.

Unfortunately, some graffiti artists ignore the rules and engage in self-expression in places unsuitable for that, thus regarded as vandals. They deface honest people property, public places and upset owners and necessitate them to spend extra money for graffiti removal. Paradoxically, municipality of Vilnius city required a proper maintenance of buildings, but the graffiti management programme that we mentioned above is not even finished yet.

MB “SRAUTASERVIS” removes graffiti quickly, professionally and really cheap. In addition, we offer a long-term solution for protecting your property from vandals – the anti-graffiti coating. Graffiti painted on such coating can be removed quickly by anyone with some special detergent.